Praise Jesus Moment

Ever have one of those moments where all you can do is thank the Lord that everything is okay? You actually stop in your tracks and contemplate the “What if” and have to say out loud, Thank you, Jesus. And you are in awe for days and days.

I’m still in awe, five days later, of what the Lord did.

Last Sunday we had been gone all day. I mean, ALL DAY. We left for church at 10 am and then went straight to a softball tournament. By the time we got home, it was after 9pm and we were tired. As I walked up the porch steps, I stopped and asked, “What’s that?”

There, right next to the door, was a charred candle.

I had placed a citronella candle there to ward off the picnic beetles that are constantly trying to get into the kitchen. I would light it for short times in the evenings when they were really bad. I knew I hadn’t lit it that morning, or, in fact, the day before. But there it was, charred.

Not only was the candle charred and blackened, but the deck had burned as well. Yep, my freshly redone deck. The one we spent four days on. The siding was also brown and warped.

I almost started to cry. I mean, how in the world was my entire house not ashes. Why did it stop burning?

Jesus. That’s my only answer. Jesus put out that fire. It had to have been engulfed in flames at some point with as charred as everything was. And Jesus put it out. That’s the only explanation.

One of the kids told us they had lit it the night before but had thought it was blown out before bed. Apparently it didn’t blow out so it burned all night and all day while we were gone.

It was a scary moment, to say the least. But it was also a testimony that I’m glad my kids got to see. We weren’t angry with anyone, just so thankful to the Lord that everything was okay. We just sat by that black spot on the deck. We couldn’t really do anything for a few minutes because the “What if” was quite vivid. If our house had started on fire, it would have been pretty engulfed in flames before someone would have seen it from a road. It’s not like we have neighbors right next door.

So, now, we have another project at some point. Fixing a burn mark in the deck. But that’s okay. I’d rather have that little project than trying to rehome our family and rebuild a house!

Thank you, Jesus!

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