We made it!

Somehow, we got here. What a crazy journey it’s been too. Dips and turns, hills and valleys, maybe even some loop-d-loops. Probably some reversing and wrong turns too. May have even gotten lost sometimes for a while. But, here we are!

These two made it to 18! Recently I had someone tell me that as parents Andrew and I are the “cream of the crop”. It was one of the most encouraging, wonderful compliments and I know they meant it. Most of the time, we just feel like we’re floundering, wondering if we’re doing it right, asking God what to do….a lot, apologizing to our kids….a lot, and getting up the next morning and trying again.

There’s been a lot of mistakes with these two. And we’ve told them that. Sorry, guys, but you’re the first born. You’re the guinea pigs. We’re going to mess up with you more than any of your siblings. And, we’re going to have to say sorry more to you than any of the others as well!

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that there is a special covering from the Lord over first borns. Do you think He doesn’t know we’re going to mess up more with them? Do you think He didn’t plan for that? Of course He did! First borns are born with more resilience, more courage, more drive than the rest of the kids. They are also provided with an extra strong guardian angel, in my opinion. They need it! And God knows that!

Andrew and I would often say, it’ll be a miracle if these two boys make it to 18. Well, friends, we just witnessed a miracle, because they made it! And not only did they make it, but they are amazing, responsible, kind-hearted young men. I am so proud of them everyday!

What’s been fun to see as well, is how different they are from each other. They are twins, raised in the same home with the same responsibilities and discipline, the same mom and dad all their lives, and yet, they are so completely opposite from one another!

Samuel is cool and calm. He loves being at home, playing with the younger kids. He has this constant smile on his face and he really is content almost all the time. He’s wise and thought-filled and thinks of others around him almost always before himself. He is confident in who he is and what he wants in life. He loves Jesus with a quiet, steady love. He already ever argues or fails to follow through on something. I can always count on him to help me out with anything.

Isaiah loves people. He loves to tell stories about his day and those he’s met. He always wants to be on the go and loves anywhere where there is a crowd. He is hands-on in everything. He has even said, “don’t even suggest desk jobs to me”. He loves a good debate and loves to learn new things, as long as it doesn’t involve sitting too long to learn it. He loves Jesus with passion and fierceness and wants to make a difference in this world for Jesus’ kingdom. He feels deeply and people can wound him quickly without realizing how deeply. I can always count on him for a good story and a hug.

This year is strange! It’s the very first time these two haven’t been together on their birthday. I guess it’s one of those things that happens as you grow up, but it affected them both deeply. They’ve had their moments over the past 18 years where they’ve wanted to pummel each other and stay away from each other, but for the most part, they’ve been the best of friends. They have stood by each other when friends have bullied, they’ve comforted each other in the midst of pain, and they’ve laughed together harder than with anyone else. And today, one is in Costa Rica and the other is in Minnesota. How strange! It’s sad for my mama heart too, but I know it’s good. They are both where they are supposed to be today. And, thankfully Dad pulled some strings and got a video call in this morning so they could tell each other Happy Birthday!

God, I stand in awe of you today! Thank you for bringing my boys this far! Bring them ever farther in life. Let them mark their success not in worldly accolades and accomplishments, but by your Word and Kingdom. May they walk with you all their days and be forces of light in a dark place. It’s by your grace and goodness that they are the amazing young men they are today and I know you’ll complete the good work you’ve started. I pray they love you always and you protect them always. Thank you for Samuel and Isaiah!

Happy Birthday, boys!

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