Just when you think you have a plan…

All week we’ve been working on the Defeat of Jesse James Days Horseshoe Hunt. Every morning there’s a new clue. I don’t know about the rest of you, but they are so hard this year! We’re stumped.

Friday morning we thought we had an idea so we headed into town. It was a beautiful sunny morning, perfect for horseshoe hunting. We thought we’d hunt a while and then get back home to get some school and cooking done. At least those were my plans.

We were waiting for Andrew to meet us so we just milled around a bit. When he got there he went to sit down next to me on the bench and as he bent over he cracked his nose into the top of Maddie’s head. He fell back on the bench, holding his nose as Maddie stumbled back a bit holding her head. Andrew kept saying, “So much pain, so much pain.”

And…then…he passed out on the bench. I didn’t realize he actually passed out and so I asked him, “What are you doing?” There was no response and I realized he wasn’t conscious. Then I also realized I had heard a yucky cracking, snapping noise when the two of them had hit.

He came to pretty quickly and sat up. I looked at his nose and realized it was broken, so I told Samuel to run and grab the car so we could bring Andrew to the clinic. As he overturned into a slanted parking space he scuffed the neighboring car.

So, all of a sudden, as i’m trying to call the clinic, Samuel comes running and tells me he hit some lady’s car. I was like, “WHAT?” Andrew sat up and said even louder, “WHAT?”

I ran up the hill, leaving Andrew on the bench holding his nose so I could talk with her. She was upset at first but realized the utter chaos she had, at that moment, been sucked into. She also realized it was just a scuff mark on her car and not as bad as it could have been.

Andrew came hobbling up the hill and I told him to please sit down before he passes out again, while I’m trying to exchange numbers with this lady. By the time her and I had finished, Andrew had put his own nose back in place and was adamant he was fine and not going to the clinic, because, in his words, “We don’t need that expense right now.”

At this point, we were all pretty much done. Two kids were crying because they felt horrible, Andrew had a headache and very tender nose, and I was frazzled beyond clear thought.

So, plans dashed, we headed home.

I used to get so upset when my plans were messed up. I’m such a Type A, organized person that plan changes rise up in me something ugly. I’m not perfect, but I can say I’ve improved when it comes to my plans being thwarted. I still can get ornery and have to talk myself out of a bad mood, but I try hard now to regroup and not let it ruin my day.

Maybe that comes from having 10 kids. I often think, God knew I needed A LOT of refining and that’s why he gave me so many kids. Each one pushes me a little more towards Christ and, hopefully, more towards a Christ-like attitude.

This summer our pastors have done a series on The Fruit of the Spirit. It has been so so good. I realized that when my plans change and I get so upset about it it’s because I lack patience, one of the traits of the fruit of the Spirit. Often people tell me I’m so patient and I always laugh. I laugh because it’s so untrue. I am very impatient!

But mornings like this one, which, let’s face it, you can’t make up, keep pushing me more towards those attributes of the Spirit that I need and that need to be cultivated in my life. I can let it ruin my day, or I can see it for what it is: an opportunity to let the Holy Spirit cultivate more of His fruit in my life.

Now, I know these things never happen to you (ha ha), but just in case you do, remember to see those plan changes as an opportunity to grow more like Christ.

And, as a side note, let’s all just agree right now and make a pact that if a teen ever hits our cars, we’re going to be kind, civil, understanding and remember that it’s just a car. We can let it go and be thankful it’s just a dent in some metal and not an injury to anyone.

One thought on “Just when you think you have a plan…

  1. Ouch! A broken nose. Not fun. So glad you learn life lessons through situations like this. Blessings and quick healing for Andrew!




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