Winter Workings

We’ve been hard at work here on CSA stuff! Even in the midst of frigid temps, blustery winds, and ice pellets, we’re thinking and working on spring plans!

First and foremost, Andrew has been building new shelving and hanging grow lights. Before long there will be lots and lots of little seedlings under those lights, hopefully growing happily in our basement!

In the dark and cold of winter we can feel a little tired and unmotivated. I don’t know about you, but I kind of go into hibernation mode and have to force myself out of my rocking chair and away from the fireplace to get things done. But before we know it, spring will be here! Even the other day I went out early and the birds were singing loudly and cheerfully and it brought vivid images of spring and warmth to mind.

So much is happening here and it always seems as though we’re running low on time. But I have to keep my mind on God’s promises that He is the one leading this charge and he won’t leave us alone, not even for a moment.

Here’s a great praise I just have to share! I’ve been worrying (I know I’m not supposed to worry but I was) about a specific aspect of the garden. Since we’re trying this weedless gardening method, there are certain steps we need to take to set up the land. And we need certain items for that.

We’ve been collecting newspapers and cardboard (thank you to everyone who has contributed) and we’ll keep collecting that. Did you know newspapers are really hard to find? Everyone reads online now. If you have attacks of old newspaper let me know!

The other part is mulch for the walkways and compost for the planting rows. The thing I’ve been getting over is the compost. We’ve called a few places and had no luck or it’s been so ridiculously expensive it’ll take any profit we try to make.

In the midst of this worrying I forgot to pray about it. I should know to turn worry into pray but I’m not always great at it. I shared with my milk guy that we were staying a CSA and asked if I could put a flier at his place. He was so excited about it and was happy to help.

After I left his place I had to drive about 20 minutes so I started praying about our CSA and specifically that the Lord would find us compost.

I bet you can guess where I’m going with this! I got to my destination and had a text from my milk guy. “Hey I have a bunch of compost and a friend of mine does too. I’ll check with a few more people if you want.”

Thanks, God! Not only for the compost but also for the reminder that when move and prompt us, you’ll provide every step of the way. Thank you that you answer prayers!

As in a Mirror Dimly

Many don’t know this, but for the past three months I’ve had trouble seeing. Early November something happened to cause a toxic reaction in my eyes and suddenly it was as if I was looking through frosted glass. I had to quit wearing contacts and haven’t gone back to them yet. I don’t know if I ever will. Glasses are an annoyance to me, and many days it didn’t matter if I had my glasses on or not. I couldn’t see any better with them on.

There have been days where they have been so bad I didn’t want to drive anywhere and other days where they’ve seemed almost normal again. I think they are progressively getting better now, after lots of extra supplements and eye appointments. I’m thankful for an eye doctor who has been willing to take a more natural approach and not stuff me full of prescriptions!

In the height of it, my kids asked, what if you go blind?

It actually was a concern to me for a while that I may never fully regain my sight and that it would possibly get worse and worse. I remember taking with them about how drastically life would change if I really couldn’t see anymore. No more driving to coop, band, parks, or the grocery store even. They joked that they would have to stop leaving toys laying around so they wouldn’t trip mom!

As they have improved I’ve been so thankful. I’ve looked at my family’s faces in a new light, with a new appreciation for their sweet faces. I’ve thanked God I can see their beautiful eyes from Elliot’s shiny green all the way to David’s deep dark brown. Recently I could see well enough to make these signs again that I’ve been wanting to add for months!

Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him! Psalm 34:8

I wanted this verse in my kitchen because I thought the “taste” was fitting. But I’ve come to appreciate this verse even more as I’ve struggled to regain my sight. See that the Lord is good!

I’m so thankful I don’t actually need my physical sight to see that the Lord is good. I know it from experiences and from the faithfulness He has shown me over the years. I know it through the prayers of friends in the midst of this trial. He is good and I see it with my heart!

This verse has also come to mind.

For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I have been fully known.
1 Corinthians 13:12 ESV

Everything we see now is a if in a reflection and one day we’ll see clearly, when we see our Savior face to face. I’m thankful that whatever I may face here on earth, I have eternity with a perfect and wonderful Savior to look forward to! And I’ll see clearly like never before.

And even better than that, I will know fully all the things I can’t fully understand here in earth, like why I have to struggle with my eyesight. A promise, not to be forgotten in this verse, is that we are fully known.

Right now, wherever you are, whatever you’re facing, you are fully known! By a perfect God who loves you dearly! And He promises good to you. It may not feel good right now, but He is good and loves you so you can trust Him. Today, look into the sweet faces of those around you. See how they bear the image of a great and powerful and loving Creator and cherish them. Be thankful you can see the cloudy gray skies and the brown fields and spatters of white snow. Be thankful for the smiles you see today! I know I am!

A Good Book is Hard to Find

The first snow storm of the year always makes me giddy! By March I’m so tired of it I could cry, but today I’m all smiles! I’ve got a warm fire, lots of food, hot cocoa, and best of all…a good book!

It’s coming down! They tell us 12 to 18 inches…
I even brought in extra logs so I don’t have to go out for a couple days!

I’m not a sales person and I don’t often pitch things to people but one thing I love to share is books! There are so many awful books out there these days that is truly a treasure when you find a good one! And I just have to tell you about these, because, well, they are treasures.

First, these books are special because my good friend, Joan, wrote them! I know, I avidly know a real live author! Pinch me! She’s amazing and you’d love her. She’s one of those women who just draws you in and genuinely wants to get to know you. She’s raised five kids, has all sorts of wonderful grandkids and helps run a church. Yet, she finds time for her passion, a passion God laid on her heart long ago. Part of me loves her for that! She’s an inspiration to me!

Second, these books are a treasure because they’re just great books! What have you been reading lately? Does it lift your spirits, makes you smile, and encourage you on your walk with Jesus? If not, throw it out! Seriously! There’s enough garbage in this world! You don’t need to spend time reading about it! These are the books you need to pick up, like now! Tell your hubby to put these in your stocking! Get them for your mom and sister! (Okay, I’ll quit with the exclamation marks, now.)

Here they are!

I purchased Keeping Kyla from Joan shortly after it was published and had it read in a couple days. I couldn’t put it down! If you’ve ever experienced wounds from relationships (who hasn’t?) you need to pick this up! I’m about halfway through Loving Leah and I’ve been staying up WAY too late every night while Andrew snores next to me. It’s so so good!

I just love books! And to find books that bring you into another person’s life and story while encouraging and lifting you up, is truly a gift. So, give yourself a gift this Christmas! Go buy these books!