Plans and Progress

Well, I did something this week I genuinely never thought I’d do or need to do, but when you’re motivated, you’re motivated, right?

We spent a very very frigid evening measuring our pasture for our new garden. Yeah, crazy right?! It was 20 degrees when we first went out with a freezing north wind howling straight through our yard. And if you’ve ever seen our property, you know there’s really nothing for miles around to stop that wind!

We ended up doing a fairly poor job measuring. Gee, I have no idea why! Couldn’t be the freezing temps, the howling wind, the frozen, packed, uneven ground, or the dark, could it??

Once we realized how many measurements we still needed, we decided, foolishly, to bundle back up and head back out. At this point the temperature had dropped to 8 degrees, the wind had picked up to what felt like hurricane force gales which whipped loose ice pellets at us, and the moon was high in the sky, faintly illuminating the frozen tundra we hope to turn into a garden! The kids were great sports and stood as markers where we directed, turning their backs to that howling wind and probably thinking their parents had lost their minds.

Me trying to draw in the dark… yes my hands hurt by the time I was done!

I have to say I’m thankful for a family willing to adventure and have good attitudes! I’m also very thankful for high powered laser levels that work in the dark!

Once we were thoroughly frozen through and I could feel my cheeks were sufficiently wind burned, we headed back inside to sit by the fire (grateful for that too!) and have Samuel draw up our garden. Again, so thankful for a drafter in the family!

So, we’ve made some progress on our CSA! Now to start planning where everything will go…of course that always changes as we actually plant, but you gotta have goals, right? Kind of like how I set my alarm for 6am every morning…gotta set a goal…

Well, we’re excited for where God is leading us and we’re trying to be obedient to His promptings. We know, beyond the shadow of a doubt that He is trustworthy and faithful. And as we obey Him, He will continue to bless us and care for us. Even in the frozen tundra stage!

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