A Good Book is Hard to Find

The first snow storm of the year always makes me giddy! By March I’m so tired of it I could cry, but today I’m all smiles! I’ve got a warm fire, lots of food, hot cocoa, and best of all…a good book!

It’s coming down! They tell us 12 to 18 inches…
I even brought in extra logs so I don’t have to go out for a couple days!

I’m not a sales person and I don’t often pitch things to people but one thing I love to share is books! There are so many awful books out there these days that is truly a treasure when you find a good one! And I just have to tell you about these, because, well, they are treasures.

First, these books are special because my good friend, Joan, wrote them! I know, I avidly know a real live author! Pinch me! She’s amazing and you’d love her. She’s one of those women who just draws you in and genuinely wants to get to know you. She’s raised five kids, has all sorts of wonderful grandkids and helps run a church. Yet, she finds time for her passion, a passion God laid on her heart long ago. Part of me loves her for that! She’s an inspiration to me!

Second, these books are a treasure because they’re just great books! What have you been reading lately? Does it lift your spirits, makes you smile, and encourage you on your walk with Jesus? If not, throw it out! Seriously! There’s enough garbage in this world! You don’t need to spend time reading about it! These are the books you need to pick up, like now! Tell your hubby to put these in your stocking! Get them for your mom and sister! (Okay, I’ll quit with the exclamation marks, now.)

Here they are!

I purchased Keeping Kyla from Joan shortly after it was published and had it read in a couple days. I couldn’t put it down! If you’ve ever experienced wounds from relationships (who hasn’t?) you need to pick this up! I’m about halfway through Loving Leah and I’ve been staying up WAY too late every night while Andrew snores next to me. It’s so so good!

I just love books! And to find books that bring you into another person’s life and story while encouraging and lifting you up, is truly a gift. So, give yourself a gift this Christmas! Go buy these books!

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