What if we…?

Things are happening here! Lots of things. I can hardly believe it’s November 6th and we’re still doing projects. I’m learning how much we depend on the weather in the country. If it’s nice, you get outside projects done. And you move fast, knowing the weather could change at any moment.

You may look at this photo and think, what is it? It’s just a field. Well, we took all the fencing down on the south and west side of our pasture to change it. More to be revealed on that later.

The kids are amazing workers out here. They’ve learned to help with lots of different projects and I believe it’s giving them great skill sets for life. We had to rework the fencing for the goats since we removed fencing. I think 80% of hobby farming is taking fencing down and putting fencing back up!

Often when I say, “I’d like to…” Andrew probably thinks, “oh, great. How much is that going to cost?” But, he’s a good sport and goes along with my crazy ideas! I don’t know if you can see it, but he’s grinding out the ancient windows in this shed. We’ve had new windows for a couple years because they were free and, well, this is the beginning of one of my crazy schemes.

This shed has been pretty much unused since we moved in six years ago and it’s time to make good use of it! Sometimes things sit so long we don’t see them anymore. And one day, I was looking around and realized, we have this great little shed. Why am I not using it??

And so begins another project! My new garden shed! Kind of a she shed, except I’m letting Andrew have part of it for tools…which I’ll probably use too! I have lots of old barn wood to be made into signs, you know!

Andrew got us lots of cabinets and countertop on the cheap and I’m excited to transform this space!

I’ll show you updates as we go! Can’t wait!

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