Indestructible Life

As I sit here on a dark, chilly, fall morning as a gray sky lightens slowly to usher in a new day, I am thankful. My fire crackles and warms a cold farm house. My three little boys are very noisily having a lightsaber battle in the next room (only because I sent them there), the rest of the kids are warm and snuggled in bed still, and I am well fed.

Not that I’ve had breakfast yet, mind you. But I am well fed. I carved out time for God’s Word as I try to each morning. And it is good!

God’s Word is a treasure trove for a weary soul. If you know Jesus as your Lord and Savior, the Bible is like a comforting feast. If you are aware at all of anything going on in this world, you probably feel anxious and afraid at times. There are wars and rumors of wars, drought, division, discontentment, and outright hatred. There are natural disasters causing destruction, politicians desiring more and more control over our lives, and unrest everywhere you turn. It’s enough to make me want to crawl under the covers and not get up!

But God! I love that phrase! There’s a great song by Mercy Me that says, “and like a hero who takes the stage when we’re on the edge of our seats saying it’s too late”. That’s our great God! He is that hero who’s timing is perfect.

For now, we wait. We watch the demise of the world in sadness, but at the same time we hope. We know who is victorious! We know who remains on the throne no matter what!

And guess what? In the meantime, he gives us everything we need! Are you reading His Word? Are you in it daily? I can tell you, it makes such a difference for your day, for your heart, for your mind. I see so many who are discontent, always complaining about what they have. I hear so much negative come from believer’s mouths. I see the discouragement in many faces. We can rise above it all and have hope and joy and fun, but we need help.

And God’s Word is exactly the help we need. Today I read Hebrews 7:11-28 and I encourage you to go read it and really sit with it. Realize what a great gift God has given us in Jesus, our perfect high priest. Something that stuck out to me and I want to encourage you with is this: verse 16. “One who has become a priest not on the basis of a regulation as to his ancestry but on the basis of the power of an indestructible life.”

Think on that for a moment. An indestructible life! Do you realize the power there? Jesus is indestructible. And if you love him and have his Holy Spirit, you have that very indestructible life! What a comfort and joy! Nothing on earth can take your life! Nothing! It’s indestructible. I don’t know about you, but that helps me rise above all that’s happening and have peace. It gives me a deep joy in my soul and gives me the motivation to keep on running the race God has set before me.

I hope and pray you have the Lord’s peace and comfort today. I hope and pray you are in God’s Word today and every day. It does make a difference. It’s the one thing that will make a good difference in your life! It helps us be thankful in the midst of trouble and gives us a better perspective than what the world gives. It is indestructible.

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