A Mother’s Day to Remember

Mother’s Day. Where do I begin?

I’ll start with thankfulness. I’m so thankful God has filled my life with these amazing humans. They keep me going every day. They make me laugh, cry, yell, sigh, roll my eyes, and fall into bed exhausted everyday. My life is full. Full of good.

Each and every one of my kids is unique and amazing. It’s so wonderful to see them grow and become godly people. I love to figure out their interests and dreams and watch them pursue it. I love to walk alongside them in this life.

Last night our pastor asked, “What’s been the most unexpected joy in mothering for you?” My answer was that it has been when I’m walking my kids through difficult times and seeing them struggle through and grow closer to God and learn to trust mom and dad to be there for them and then seeing them come out on the other side better, those have been the times that have brought me the most unexpected joy.

But this day comes with sorrow too. Every year I find myself feeling sad for a part of the day, missing my mom. I look at these amazing kids and I just know she’d love them so much andbe such a great Oma to them. I still remember how she adored Samuel and Isaiah and carried them around all day calling them “my babies”, as in hers. She would be all over spending time with these kids.

In spite of missing her, it’s really been a great day. My family knows how to spoil me!

Andrew brought me breakfast in bed along with my Bible. We went to church and worshipped our good Lord, where I couldn’t help but think of my mom worshipping him day after day in heaven. What an amazing image! I thought, too about what an awesome reunion it’ll be when I get to be with her in heaven too!

After lunch, we worked on more raised beds for my garden. I’m forever wanting to plant more and running out of room. And since we moved a building off our property, we have plenty of stones to use!

Weight lifting!

Who knew moving stones would be so much work? Probably Andrew.

After working on the garden we went to The Blast, a new ice cream shop in Northfield. It was so crazy busy I didn’t even think to snap a photo. But it was yummy! We stopped by my mom’s grave and put some dandelions on it. (We couldn’t find any flowers left. Shocking right?)

Then my wonderful hubby made burgers on his new grill. Any excuse to use that thing! It makes a great burger though!

We’re finishing off a great day with a fire and smores!

These people really do make my day. Raising kids is anything but easy and, just so you know, God does give you more than you can handle! But He never gives you more than He can handle.

My sweet oldest boys endured a day with me too. They even hung my new string lights. Well, truth be told, I made them do it.

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