Three Things

Years and years ago, when Andrew and I were young with a couple little kids, we would sit in the evenings and dream about what we wanted in a house.

“I want a big wrap around porch,” I’d say.

“I’d love a big garage with drains in the floor and room to work on cars,” he’d reply.

“Wouldn’t it be nice to have a bit of land?” I’d ask.

“Yes, definitely,” he’d say.

Because I could draw house plans, I’d draw up what we wanted. Because he worked at a lumber yard, he look at pricing. Then we’d chuckle and say,  well it’s just a dream. We can do without.

And then, one day, years and years later, God gave us those dreams. We never prayed about it, never asked God specifically for those things, but He knew. He heard those evening chats. And He loves us so much that He desired to give us those dreams.

And I never forget to thank Him for this beautiful gift. Do you thank God for what he has given you? Do you pause and look around and just let the thankfulness spill over?

When I faced severe depression, my counselor told me, just try to write down three things everyday you are thankful for. Some days it was a serious challenge. I had a hard time coming up with three things.

Sometimes I’d just write “my kids, my husband, my house”. And I was thankful for those, but I wasn’t putting much effort in. And my thoughts were so often negative, I couldn’t come up with three things.

But, I did it every night. And over time it completely changed my mindset. I used to focus so easily on the negative, even when I wasn’t in depression. But no joke, having done that exercise for the months, every night, it changed my mind.

Now I can see the positive much more quickly and am so much more thankful than I used to be. The Bible says “don’t let the sun go down on your anger.” Did you know studies have been done on this? It’s actually proven that if you go to bed angry, anxious, sad, frustrated it changes the chemical makeup of your brain? Is fascinating!

And science backing up the Bible?? Shocking, I know (insert sarcasm).

But, seriously, I’m living proof this is true. If you are having a hard time looking on the bright side, seeing the positive, and being grateful, try this! Every night before bed write at least three things you are thankful for! It will change your life. Truly!

One thought on “Three Things

  1. I love the beautiful home God has blessed you and your family with! A beautiful thing to be thankful. Thank you for the reminder to do that, especially the days it’s hard to feel thankful as you said. Wanted to also shoot you a note saying how much I appreciate your writings that speak reality and highlight hope.


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