Spring Cleaning, Take One

It’s spring cleaning time! Time to start at the top and work our way down. Goodbye, spider webs and dust. Goodbye, broken and unused toys, jam-packed drawers and rooms. Goodbye clutter!

How does it all accumulate anyway? I mean, I know there’s 13 of us in one house but I am a thrower. I tend to throw more than save, sometimes to my detriment, but not often enough to stop me!! We go really easy at birthdays and Christmas because, let’s face it, none of us need anything more than we already have.

And yet, every time I turn around there’s more clutter and more stuff to organize! So here we go! This week was the attic. There’s lots of space up there, which I think just translates to lots of opportunity for messes! Add four girls who sleep there and eight kids who play Legos up there and you have a recipe for a tornado!

Before (as if you can’t tell)

The girls moved up there about a year ago, when we rearranged rooms and I had every intention of “finishing” the room. By that I mean hang some art work, which never seems to actually get done. This time I was determined to get it actually done.

Before on the other half

They have a really cute room with lots of space. We had repainted it last spring, which was a ton of work! Painting slanted walls is hard work and you don’t realize how big a space is until you paint! And Andrew managed to crack his head on those slanted walls too many times to count.

The great reveal:

So tranquil and inviting now!
All the Legos in one place… yes, we have too many Legos!

The finishing touches:

I let the girls choose some of their beautiful artwork from their art classes with Mrs. Stanley and we finally hung things on the walls. It makes me so happy to say it’s actually completely finished!

On to the next room…

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