Hide It Away

Have you ever been told something three times? If you hear the same thing the times you tend to pay attention, right?

Well, last week I had the same message from the Lord the times. Ever had that experience? He often speaks to me like that. He’ll give me the same message from the different sources in the course of a few days and then I really know I better listen. It’s probably because he knows I won’t pay attention if he just says it once ;).

The first time I was reading Luke with the kids. We read about Jesus being tempted by Satan in the desert. The thing that struck me was every response Jesus gave was Scripture. He knew God’s Word and was able to use it wisely.

A few days later, a friend was talking about the current state of our world and how crucial it is that we and our children have God’s Word hidden in our hearts. And then the very next day, our pastor explained that if we want to walk by faith, we better know what God’s Word says.

Ok, God! I hear you! I’m paying attention. I felt very convicted to start memory verses with my kids and for myself as well.

We’re starting with Psalm 8:1, “Oh Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth! You have set your glory above the heavens.”

What a great place to start!

Let’s get our hearts focused on how majestic and glory-filled God is as we hide his Word in our hearts. And what a great verse for our present time.

Are you over focused on what’s happening around you?

God’s majestic name is over everything that’s happening on the earth. He is in control and still on his throne.

His glory is far above and greater than all your worries, fears, problems. He knows exactly how your are struggling and he’s powerful enough to calm you and help you!

Focus on his glory and majesty, not this world! And, join us in memorizing his perfect word! Let’s see how many verses we can hide away this year!

5 thoughts on “Hide It Away

  1. Took me a bit but finally memorized Psalm 8.1. Thank you for this inspiring post. I have never understood how people can rattle off Bible verses and where to find them in the Bible.


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