When life gives you extra oil…

Just had to share a quick funny for you to enjoy today.

I was in the middle of something and at the same time was telling my kitchen helper what to put in the bowl to make pizza dough. Friday Night Pizza Night, you know.

I told her, “2 cups of warm water and 1/4 cup oil and I’ll be right back.” I went upstairs for a quick minute and came back down to hear her cheerfully say, “Two cups of water and two cups of oil, done.”

Uh oh.

That’s a lot of extra oil…My first thought was, well, we gotta start over. But I hate throwing food away…

When life gives you extra oil…make extra pizza dough!

Good thing we have this gigantic bowl at our house! (Right, Steph)

40 cups of flour later… (good thing I buy flour in 50 pound bags)

Hey, now we have 8 weeks of pizza dough! There was a time in my life when I would have gotten angry over this. I was still annoyed at the start, don’t get me wrong. But God is good and never stops refining me. Today I just went with it and had fun with the kids in the midst of it.

Looking for the good in every situation sure makes a difference in how our days go!

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