Save a little

I have to brag on my son a bit today. He has spent the last 3 years working part time jobs in the midst of school and has saved and saved. He’s not a spender by nature, but when we went through Financial Peace with him he really embraced it.

And, yesterday, after 4 months of searching, he bought himself a really nice car. With cash. Even the dealer was impressed when he handed over the wad.

I’m not great at saving money, I’ll be honest. Now I don’t really have any to save! But watching him, just working small part time jobs but choosing to save, has taught me a lot. You don’t need to make a lot to change your habits and save some. And it really does pay off.

He was able to look for a few months for just the right deal. And he is so happy with what he found. He got every feature he wanted; the most important of which is all wheel drive for our crazy winters. The best part is he found something that will last him the next 10 years if he takes care of it, and all without a loan that just sucks more money!

He has taught me a good lesson and I’m so proud of him!

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