Christmas Tree Day

It’s Christmas tree day!

Now mind you, we were all getting ready to go out and cut down the tree, when I spied a couple of my men with guns. Yeah, guns. What in the world do we need guns for? I don’t remember needing those to cut down a tree.

“Operation red squirrel took priority,” stated Andrew matter-of-factly. Okay…can we just go cut down our tree??

This year is unique. For one, we just had a baby four days ago. For two, we have a shed leaving our property.

What does that have to do with a Christmas tree? Well, since mama is still in recovery mode, we didn’t want to travel far for a tree. We usually go to a sweet little tree farm about a half hour away to pick our tree. That’s not far, except when you’ve just given birth! An hour drive for a tree didn’t sound like something I could manage this year. Of course the family could have gone without me, but where’s the fun in that?!

Here’s where the shed enters in. There’s an old grain shed on our property that just sits empty. It’s actually a really neat old building. I love the old wood, wondering about the different people who used it and the different ways it was used. I love the old hay smell. You can just feel the history when you walk in. But since it sits empty and we have long term plans for that spot, we decided to sell it. And this fall it’s moving off our property. To move it, the farmer who is taking it has to cut down a number of trees on the west side of our property. Hence, the Christmas tree right on our own property.

So, just a little walk, in the bright sunshine this afternoon and we have our tree! It was such a gorgeous day, the sun even still felt warm on our faces. The kids found hiking sticks, because you know, it was such a long walk. Andrew got to use the chainsaw, which always makes him happy! And I got outside, which I haven’t done in quite a few days. All in all, a great “field trip”.

You know how the tree always looks smaller when it’s outside??

Yeah, it’s a little full! Might take a bit of trimming…

God is good, isn’t He? He provided a tree free and easily that we wouldn’t have otherwise considered. It’s not perfectly groomed, and we may not fit through the doorway next to it, but it’ll be a family memory we’ll never forget, guns and all!

Happy Christmas tree day!

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