A Blessing!

This past Saturday, Andrew and I were surprised and blessed!

We’ve been attending a house church and the families have become our family. We love to do life with them and worship and learn with them. They surprised us and another family expecting as well with a sweet baby shower!

Sweet blanket from a 12 year old, along with beautiful new clothes for our precious little girl.

It meant a lot to us. By the time you get to baby number 11, not many people rejoice with you. To be honest, even Christians look at us like we are completely off our rocker. Yet, when you look at God’s Word, you only ever see children spoken about as a blessing and a heritage.

Psalm 127:3 Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.

This doesn’t mean everyone has to have eleven children, but it does mean that every Christian should rejoice over children. We should be excited and thank God for these little ones. We should trust that God knows best when He gives us a reward.

This swaddle says it so well. You are dearly loved, little one!

I often hear, “I could never do that”. I hear, “well, we’re not like the Schwabs”. We aren’t anything special or different. We’re just ordinary people, trusting God with our lives. I remember a couple years ago a pastor asking the question, are you trusting God with every part of your lives? We have a hard time giving him every part, don’t we?

I’ll be honest, I struggle too. It’s hard to truly trust and know that God knows best. When we do, though, the rewards and blessings are so amazing and good. Because He is good! And He wants to give us good things!

Now, the dresser drawers are full of sweet little outfits, there are blankets and loveys for baby to snuggle with, the car seat and bassinet are waiting. As far as the Schwabs are concerned, there is complete and utter excitement as we wait for this sweet addition to our family! We know beyond the shadow of a doubt that she is a blessing for our family!

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