Jehovah Jireh – God Provides

Oh my goodness! Has it ever been busy here?! We are at the end of our fifth week of homeschooling and are finally hitting our groove. The garden isn’t done but has slowed down allowing me to breathe. The apple trees are almost all picked…just one left. There’s still a long list of fall projects that need to get done before cold weather sets in and a new baby joins our lives!

For many reasons this year homeschooling was a bigger adjustment than other years. First of all, two started college in August. That was a huge adjustment for all of us, especially the two actually doing it! They had to figure out classes, what’s online, what’s in person, what day and time they have to be online or at school, and all that goes with college. It definitely took a few weeks to wrap our heads around it all and I feel like it’s finally smoothing out for them.

Another started online classes with zoom classes at four different times during the week. We chose this, although I’m sure it sounds like a lot. But this child needed something that was just hers and wasn’t with mom. After the initial learning curve of zoom and Google Classroom, it’s been great. It was definitely the right decision for her.

Then one started Challenge B in CC the same day as the other three started their schooling. It’s been a great for him, but lots new to learn and navigate.

Lastly, we got the rest started with some classes at home, some CC, and band at the local middle school.

And don’t forget about the two year old who just wants attention and terrorizes everyone while they are trying to get things done!

There’s been a lot to navigate and figure out this fall. Top it all off with 5 cars breaking down and a garden that went above and beyond our expectations. We’ve been canning and freezing and preserving non stop all while squeezing in school.

And the vehicles…oh my. I mean, I know we drive old cars but it got a bit ridiculous! At one point we had one working vehicle, one semi working, and borrowed Andrew’s moms for a third. We took one vehicle that had been sitting on our property for months needing to be sold and put insurance back on it while Isaiah got his car repaired. The day his car was done, the car he was driving broke down in the driveway on his way home from school! You can’t make this stuff up.

But as cars break down I’m continually reminded of God’s provision. He blessed my boys with the finances to go to school and come out debt free at the end. He abundantly blessed our garden and our cold cellar is full! Our freezers are full of good food too, right from our property. We’re healthy and happy and the kids are all enjoying school. Andrew’s job has been busier than ever, which is hard but a blessing too.

There’s not much more I can ask for. “God is good all the time. And all the time, God is good.” A good friend of mine always says that, and it is true!

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