Camping Adventures

I usually love camping. Every summer we try to get out of our house and, as a good friend says, “work really hard at being homeless!” This last weekend we planned an adventurous trip and it really did go well.

But at 32 weeks pregnant, 90+ degree weather with high humidity, and endless flies, it was a labor of love. I know my kids loved it and for that I’m grateful! I’m also grateful for my hubby who, without complaint, did most of the work. He found a camper for me to sleep in, set up the tent and food area, helped the kids change for the lake and cooked most of the meals. He was a Rockstar…and all on Father’s Day weekend! I really couldn’t ask for a better man!!

Here’s some camping musts:

Be near a lake and spend a lot of time in it…swimming, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, finding minnows, and building things in the sand.20180614_164645.jpg



Find wildlife…especially wildlife that doesn’t involve biting insects. Grr.



Family and friend time…that’s really what it’s all about isn’t it?!



Of course, there’s always time for yard games, disc golf, and anything else you can come up with. With the heat we made sure to take an air conditioned ride to the nearest DQ…about 20 miles away. Everyone cooled off and enjoyed a treat!

Best of all, we made memories we’ll never forget! The kids are already asking when the next camping trip is…uh…

maybe next summer, kids!



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