Hiding the math books

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The last couple weeks have been just insanely busy! School ended but life sure didn’t slow down. We have visited friends, run errands, cleaned and repaired around the farm, and now we’re in the midst of getting ready to go camping. I always think, next week will be slower, but that next week never comes. It is forever busy around here.

I have to say I’m thankful for it. I wonder sometimes, what would I be doing if I wasn’t doing this? I don’t have any idea but I do know that what I’m doing is good. Raising kids that love Jesus, helping others, working on our farm, it’s good. And I’m also thankful that we are all healthy and strong and able to do those things. I try hard not to take for granted our health and strength because I know there are many who don’t have that.

I am always ready come May to get that change in routine. After nine months of school most days at the dining room table we are all REALLY ready to a change. Not one of us wants to look at a math book or handwriting for a long time! And that’s okay. We’ve done our share of book learning and now it’s time for hands on learning. I honestly think it’s even more important than the books.

It’s time for the garden, for raising chicks, for mowing and weeding, for watching calves come into the world. It’s time for hot summer days with friends, playing in the sprinkler. It’s time to just enjoy the beautiful world God has made around us. It’s also time to see neighbors, other than just through a car window! We love summer around here (other than the awful, pesky flies).

Just yesterday, we sat down at the table to do a math page. I try to keep my kids’ minds fresh by doing just a little math and reading over the summer. But we weren’t ready to get back into it yet. Not at all. I heard the same line I heard all school year, “Mom, I need your help” and a cringed. It occurred to me in that moment that we need a little bit more time before we do our two days a week. I couldn’t take it, and really, neither could the kids. And guess what?! That’s okay.

We are putting the books on the shelf, pulling out the bags, sleeping bags, tent, fishing and swimming gear, and going camping! That’s what we need. A campfire, smores, a lake, some sunny days, and great friends. And that’s just what we’re going to get. So, goodbye math books; we won’t miss you. Hello treats and water and sun and pure, happy, summertime exhaustion!!

I’ll post photos when we get back! Enjoy summer and don’t feel guilty one bit about hiding the math books!!

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