A Mother’s Legacy


Mother’s Day is always a bittersweet day for me. I love that my family does whatever they can to make me feel pampered and special on Mother’s Day. My kids always make me special cards, Andrew always makes me a special breakfast, usually in bed.

This year he would have brought me breakfast in bed but while he was cooking and I was sleeping there was a yell, “I need someone to wipe my butt!” I, unfortunately, was the one to wake up to that and stumbled to the bathroom. He didn’t just need his butt wiped…not sure how he got it everywhere, but he did. The end result was a clean bathroom and a soiled foot on my part. I’ll spare you the details. So instead of crawling back into bed to await my breakfast I hopped into the shower.

But I got a delicious, hot breakfast on the couch with my Bible. The day was improving! It can only go up from a bathroom covered in poop, right?!

We went to church, had a picnic, went to the zoo, and even got some plants into my new raised bed gardens that Andrew built and filled for me! He’s such an awesome hubby! I ask, he builds.

Speaking of that, I asked for a farm table for outside dining and he’s been diligently working on it all week as a Mother’s Day gift. It needs benches and stain but it’s beautiful already! I love it so much and can’t wait to enjoy meals together under the trees this summer! He’s so talented.

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But Mother’s Day always comes with this heart-wrenching sadness for me too. I lost my mom 16 years ago now and, yet, every year it still hits me hard. I have to fight back the tears every Mother’s Day and force myself to just enjoy the day and not think too much about what I don’t have. I miss her so much and I know she’d love all these grandkids to the moon and back! She only ever met Samuel and Isaiah when they were brand new babies. Now, she has thirteen grandkids between my sister and I with number 14 soon to appear! She’d be right in the thick of it all, loving on all these kids, taking them out, gardening with us, reading to them, just being a great grandma. Sometimes life doesn’t really turn out the way you expect.

Yesterday I thought about her and how amazing she was. She was my best friend, my confidante. I could talk with her about anything and she was always willing to listen and chat with me. She was so smart, funny, and sassy – just so fun to be around. Was she perfect? No. Just like the rest of us moms, she made mistakes. But she was humble, said sorry, and hugged me a lot. She was one of those moms who took in all our friends too and made them feel at home. She talked with them and helped them through a lot too. I can’t say enough about how amazing she was!

So as I thought about her, I realized what an amazing legacy she started. She taught my sister and I how to love, about Jesus, and how to be a mom. She began this legacy that I’m sure she never would have thought would extend to 14 grandkids! While I wish she were here, walking out this journey with me, I’m so thankful for the person she was and what she taught me. I still sometimes look back and think, what would my mom do? How would she handle this?

I hope I’m passing on that legacy of love and Jesus as well as she did. I can only hope to be the kind of mom she was. Someday I hope and pray my kids look back and say, look at the legacy mom left us and that is being passed on to our kids. I pray they all know Jesus and how much they are loved by Him and me, just like I knew that from my mom.

What kind of legacy are you leaving your kids? It’s great if they can do chores, their own laundry, write a good paper. But it’s better if they know they are loved and how to love. It’s best if they know Jesus and can see you living your life for Him while you are on this earth. Because we never know how much time we have.


One thought on “A Mother’s Legacy

  1. Such a beautiful tribute to your mom. She was a wonderful woman and a great lab tech. I remember when I was pregnant with Josiah and had to have my blood drawn which was no easy task. Your mother did a great job. I enjoyed getting to know her when we would be in the nursery together at NEFC. Such a beautiful picture of you and your mom! She would be so proud of you.


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