Can you feel that antsy discontent in your soul? Do you feel like there’s so much to do in the next couple months? Are you itching to feel the warmth of the sun?

Over the past year the Lord has been teaching me to wait. It’s been an interesting journey. Not bad, not too painful (yet). I would say over all it’s been good. Each of us has different things at different times that we need to learn from the Lord. Yours may not be waiting, but there’s some recurring lesson that keeps cropping up in your life that God wants you to learn.

I know I am! Every year around this time I get so antsy. I just can’t wait to dig in the ground, feel a warm breeze, and hear birds singing again. And I’m not good at waiting!

What is it? Have you stopped a moment and thought about that. As spring approaches and we get extra busy with school winding down but not finished and garden ramping up, it’s a good time to take a moment and pause. Ask God what He wants to teach you.

Do you frequently wish you had something new or updated? Are you never quite happy with what you have? Do you get something new to be happy for a moment but then find yourself wanting the next new thing? Maybe God wants you to learn contentment.

Do you find yourself arguing with those around you? Do you like to push others buttons and rile up a debate? Maybe God wants you to learn gentleness and humility.

Maybe you are swayed by every situation and circumstance in your life, feeling good because something happened, feeling awful the next day because a new situation arose. Feelings aren’t bad, but dwelling in them can be and being ruled by them certainly is. Maybe God wants you to learn joy in Him.

I can’t tell you what you need to learn. I can tell you I’ve been trying to be obedient to God by listening to his prompting to wait. And He has to tell me often! I love to plan and dig through the details of what’s coming next. I like to look ahead and fill in the days on my calendar. And that’s ok to an extent. God put that within me. And there’s a lot that wouldn’t get done in our household if I didn’t plan! But, if I take it too far I rush ahead of God and His plans and then I mess things up!

I’m learning to hear him say… wait. And not just hear it, obey it.

For example, we are changing our schooling for next year. I’m excited about it and want to figure it all out! But God won’t let me. Not yet anyway. Every time I want to sit down and hash it out, He reminds me that He told me to wait back in January and He’ll let me know when it’s time.

I’ve been watering this dirt for eight days now. And every morning I expect little seedlings to have cropped up. Today I was legitimately worried that nothing would grow! But God.

Can you spot the tiny onions?

He reminded me to wait. Even the seeds wait until the right time. The birds don’t come back to Minnesota until the right time. The ground doesn’t thaw until just the right time. God’s timing is better than mine.

Not just better. Perfect!