20 Minute Accomplishment

Well, we’ve been just a little busy here. School is in full swing, on top of cleaning out the garden, house remodel projects and the regular day to day life. Plus four of the kids are in a play so practices consume a lot of time.

In the midst of it all, there’s all those mini projects that come along, and, really get set aside. It’s funny how a project that would take 20 minutes ends up taking 4 months!

For instance, I had decided to have a master garden plan framed on the wall with an upcoming garden plan below it so I could plan where next year’s plants would go. I LOVE planning. Yet, the frames and plans sat for months.

Finally yesterday it was cool and rainy and I pulled out the plans and frames. And guess what?! It took 20 minutes! Honestly, it gave me the best feeling! I still walk in the office to look at it and enjoy it!

It’s going to be so handy when I’m planning what and where to plant! I’ve already jotted things down on it in color coded notes.

Here’s my encouragement to you! Grab one of those 20 minute projects laying around your house and just do it! You feel so accomplished and free once it’s done. And it’ll probably make life easier in some way!

Now on to the big projects…

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