Another project!

We’ve begun another project. It’s one of those “I guess this has to be done NOW” kind of projects. For the last couple years, our porch railing has been rotting. We’ve put bandaids on it and told people not to lean on it. At one point I almost fell through one section.

But it has been on the back burner because, well, we live in an old house and things are always breaking. Plus we drive really old cars and those are always breaking. We spend most of our days repairing something. It always reminds me, this is not my home. Someday in heaven I will have a mansion that never wears out or needs repairs!

But, now, it’s past time. It’s all falling apart. And the Lord blessed us abundantly with aluminum railing for the price of wood! We had always wanted to replace it with aluminum but the cost was way too high. We were going to settle for wood but then the Lord surprised us with some free parts. We just had to buy a few things! He is good!

So begins the project! Tear down is always fun and the kids got involved. Having a large family at times like this really pays off! Many hands make light work!

Hanging flower baskets has to come down. Then the railing. Some of the sections were so rotted Andrew literally just pushed and over they went! Others needs a saw and grinder.

Unfortunately it sat long enough where the posts had started to rot where the railings were attached. So, we had to grind out the rot and do more repair. Huh, funny, more repair! We spread rot stop on and then we’ll have to fill in those places and and and paint before railing can go on.

Demolition never takes much time…but all the little steps sure do. It’ll be a couple weeks without railing before the new stuff can go up. Don’t lean!

Samuel came home as we were tearing down and said, “hmm, something looks different. I just can’t quite put finger on it!” Hopefully soon it’ll look different again… and last a long time. One less repair for the future, prayerfully!

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