Not Alone

Got a phone call the other day from a good friend. She and I don’t talk very often and rarely see each other, but we love each other and can pick up wherever we left off.

She was struggling.

Have you ever been struggling and then struggle to reach out? I know I have. For me reaching out is so tough. She did it. It shows such bravery, strength, and determination to reach out. I think all to often we think of it as a weakness, but it’s just the opposite.

“Tell me I’m not alone. Tell me you’ve been here.”

Those were her words. The knowledge that we aren’t alone is so powerful. Powerful enough to change the trajectory of our lives, in fact.


Because we were created for relationships and community. We weren’t created to go it alone. We weren’t created to be strong on our own. God put in our hearts this deep seated desire to be connected to others, especially when we’re going through something hard.

“You’re not alone. I’ve been there. And you won’t stay there. You’ll get through it and look back in a month, in six months, and say ‘look how different life looks now’.

I know I said other nuggets of truth to her. But this was what she needed to hear. When I texted her the next day to see how she was doing she said, “that was a turning point. I just needed to know I wasn’t alone and that it’s normal to feel like this.”

That’s it.

So, whatever you are struggling with, whatever feelings you are feeling, whatever thoughts you are thinking, you are not alone. Someone out there has gone through the same thing.

If you’re a mom, find a mom and ask her. I bet she’ll say, yep I’ve been there. Whatever it is, reach out to a friend. It helps.

At one point she said, “I thought talking about it would make it worse and bigger. But talking about it made it all seem so much better.”

I want you all to know, this is such a typical lie Satan uses. He wants us to think we shouldn’t talk about it, shouldn’t reveal it because people will think we’re crazy or won’t like us or will turn their back on us. He wants you to think talking about it will make the problem grow.

The exact opposite is true. Talk it out. If it’s really big, get a counselor. But talk it out.

And, be that friend who can listen, who can be vulnerable and say, yep I’ve been there. A good friend is a cherished gift from God. He gave you that person because He wants to show you His love right here on earth everyday. The God of the universe, who breathed stars into being, loves you that much, to give you a good friend.

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