A “Quiet” Day

I was so excited when I looked at the calendar for today. Nothing! Empty!

We gad a huge week last week, putting over 1900 miles on and visiting three huge attractions. It was an amazing family trip filled with great memories. I’m so glad we did it! But it was tiring too. Lots of driving, lots to see and do, and the heat and humidity were actually truly unbearable! And, for me, that’s saying something! I love heat over winter any day. But this was excessive. It probably didn’t help to be 18 weeks pregnant during it all too!

Then the weekend was busy too! We celebrated a great friend’s 40th birthday, which was super fun. Again, lots to do and lots of people. If you don’t know me well, while I love people and gatherings, I’m an introvert and need my down time to rejuvenate.

So, by today I was excited to have nothing to do. Its 1:15pm and I’m laughing at myself. Nothing to do… Right. Like that ever happens around here!

The day started as usual with breakfast, poopy diapers, dirty clothes, and dishes. The kids, thankfully do the kitchen after meals. I looked at my boys and realized they needed haircuts. So, pull out the still and clippers on the deck, cut three heads, clean the deck, get them through showers.

Then there were phone calls. Dog groomer, pharmacy, appointments.

And then there’s always texts. Answering friends, asking questions, etc.

Somehow the laundry had piled up again. I’m through 5 loads of laundry at this point with a couple more to go. Thank the Lord for automatic washers. Can you imagine washing all the clothing we have back in Laura Ingalls’ day? Yikes. I do still like to hang it out in the summer. That means hauling it downstairs and out back. And not forgetting about it later!!

We’ve also been trying to keep up with math and music this summer, so I had to motivate a few kiddos to those activities. Once they get going it doesn’t take long and I think it’s so good to keep up on those items all summer.

Of course, there’s lunch to be had. Someone is always hungry here. Always. My big kids have gotten really good at making lunches themselves and helping the littles out. I’m so thankful for all their hard work, everyday!

Speaking of their hard work, they have lots of animals to take care of and feed. 150 broilers, 50 layers, 14 cats, 2 goats, and a dog. Of course, we were out of chicken feed, so I had to send a big kid to the Ag for more. Again, I’m so thankful for drivers!

None of this is complaining! Please don’t take it that way! I love my life and my kids and the busyness of it. I love getting to be home with my kids and teaching them, not only school but just life skills. I want my kids to be able to clean, so laundry, cook for themselves. So many kids don’t have any idea how to do these things for themselves when they leave home!

I just had to laugh at my “down day”. Today is a quiet day at our house! There’s still more food to hand out, clothing to fold, toys to pick up – by the kids not me, and I’m sure other things will crop up.

Someone asked me yesterday if I ever get to sit down. Not often. But it’s okay. I honestly don’t know what else I’d do with my life if I didn’t have this life. I don’t want to find “mommy balance” by having a job to get me out of the house. I wouldn’t want a f I ll time career. For those that want that and have that, awesome! Everyone’s life and goals are different and that’s just fine!

Enjoy every day, “quiet” or not. Now that I have almost 19 year olds I can honestly say it goes by all too fast!

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