Be the Messenger

Recently a friend sent me a message. She described a dream she had about me. We’ve known each other since we were little girls and the dream brought her back to then. I was asking her about a game we used to play as children and somehow she knew I was really asking about something else. I was asking how to approach the Lord on something.

She’s not sure what that something is; I’m still pondering it. But there’s something to it, I know it. She said, “maybe it’s just a dream, but it’s nothing if I don’t share it with you.” So true!

She told me in my dream to sing my prayer to the Lord. That whatever I was asking of Him wasn’t being answered because I needed to boldly sing it out, like literally sing it. I thought this was so strange, yet intriguing. I haven’t ever thought about singing out my prayers. I’m not super musical and can’t just compose music.

Yet, recently at youth group one night we talked about singing. Worshiping through song more specifically. And they asked us all to try to sing our own song. I thought it was strange and nothing really came to me. Maybe I just wasn’t ready for that message or wasn’t open to it. But, here it is again. Sing.

God doesn’t ask us to be professional musicians. He just asks us to worship. Music is His creation, not ours. It didn’t evolve, it wasn’t created when people became smart enough. It’s been around since the beginning. The Bible tells us there is singing in Heaven all the time, the angels sing, and God sings over us. So, it isn’t too far fetched that we want to sing too. That we would be drawn to music and want to create beautiful sounds. And, mostly, that we would want to return it to Him as worship and prayer.

I’m still pondering this message from my friend. I am still wondering exactly what I’m supposed to pray and how. If you’ve ever turned your prayer into song, please message me! I’d love to hear about it.

At church our sermon series is about angels this Christmas season. It’s been so so good, and so grounded in the Word of God. If you’ve ever wondered about angels, listen to these messages:

It’s interesting to me that in the midst of this sermon series about angels, who are God’s messengers, I would get a message from an unexpected place. God sends His messages in different ways and sometimes he uses other people. I believe that to be true in this instance. There isn’t always a host of angels in the sky, singing and praising and bringing a message. Although God can and does certainly still use angels. But sometimes, it’s a message from someone saying simply, this happened. I don’t know what it all means to you, but I needed to tell you.

Have you ever felt that nudge in your soul? Have you ever had that overwhelming sense that you need to tell someone something? Or felt that push to go pray over someone? Follow it. Tell that person. Even if it seems really weird. Do it anyway. Maybe it’ll be nothing, but maybe it’s just what that person needs.

We don’t become angels, but we can be like the angels and spread God’s message when He asks. And what better time of year than right now to listen to His calling and obey. Thanks, friend, for obeying that call and for sharing the message God gave you with me.

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