He loves to provide

I know that the Lord is my Provider. I’ve seen His provision over and over in my life. Yet there are many times when I worry about how we will afford something or how we will have what we need. Sometimes I worry about big things like how we will pay for car repairs when one of our vehicles breaks down or how we’ll replace the water heater.

Other times I worry about smaller things like paying for groceries or how to afford sandals for summer for the kids. Most of the time, though, it’s financial provision that I worry about. Even though He has always come through for us I still worry. I guess I like to think I’m supposed to figure it out myself.

Not only do I worry but I forget to bring my needs to the Lord. I forget I have a God I can ask. The Bible tells stories of God’s miraculous provision repeatedly! Take the feeding of the 5000. That was just 5000 men. Women and children weren’t counted so there were probably 10,000 people that needed lunch. Jesus took a small boy’s lunch, fed everyone AND had leftovers.

See, God doesn’t just provide but He provides abundantly and lavishly! He isn’t stingy. He loves to provide for us generously and with everything He has. That’s how much He loves us!

I think I doubt that and forget it. I think I have to solve the problem on my own and I only see the little I have and can’t figure out how it can possibly stretch to be enough.

Recently, we once again witnessed God’s abundant provision. I wanted to share it because it’s a testimony to His love and abundance!

Our son, Samuel decided a few years ago that he really wanted to serve as a camp counselor at Camp Shamineau. He had been a camper there for years and loved it. He also loves helping younger kids. We completed the application and he was accepted for this summer. He’ll be serving for six weeks!

Enter my worry. Since he’ll be serving at the camp, he won’t be working all summer. Since he won’t be working, he won’t make any money. He drives a very old SUV and it needs to be replaced. But I didn’t want him to spend all his savings on a car for next year when he won’t be making any of that money back this summer. Next year he wants to go to a community college and will need the money in savings for gas and other expenses as it’s a 45 minute drive. All I could think of was, how will we get him a reliable vehicle without him spending all his savings and then having nothing left for next year? If he’s not making money this summer, how will he be able to take these classes next fall?

Enter God. He’s so good! What’s amazing about this story, is I never even brought this need to the Lord. I honestly didn’t even think to do so! But He still knows our needs, even if we don’t express them. He saw Samuel’s obedience to His calling and blessed it abundantly! Why do I worry? God always comes through.

Last week a friend texted me and asked me if we wanted a car. I’m not even joking! They wanted to just give us a car! And not just any car, but something that is absolutely perfect for Samuel to drive during that long commute over winter months. It has all wheel drive and is much newer than what he’s been driving. I could hardly believe it!

Image may contain: car, tree, sky and outdoor

Here I am worrying and all the while God is at work. He stirred their hearts to think of us and offer the car, though they had no knowledge of the situation at all! They didn’t know what I was worrying about. They didn’t even know Samuel was going to serve at the camp! But Samuel was obedient to the Lord’s call and our friends were obedient to the Lord’s prompting.

God is so good!

He wants to take care of us! He desires to provide for us! Each and everyday. And not just a little bit, but lavishly and abundantly. Are we taking our needs to Him? Are we trusting Him?

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