Spring is here!


It’s spring! It’s spring! It’s finally here.

At least, I think it is. I think this year we’re all a little gun shy. And we should be, after numerous snow storms and below average temps. It makes us all think, “Will spring come?”. “Are we doing spring this year?”

Now, I think, we can finally say, it’s not going to get cold enough again to snow. Maybe. Hesitatingly.

I can actually see grass in my yard now, which makes me excited! I made the mistake though of trying to walk across my yard in my tennis shoes. You’d think I’d know by now, after three springs here, that I need mud boots all spring long! But, instead, I got my shoes drenched. And my socks.

I wish I would have snapped a photo of my two year old in the puddles. He was having so much fun jumping in those puddles with his new mud boots. Of course, he was so enthusiastic about it, the water went right over the tops of his boots and soaked his little feet. He didn’t care at all! And when it was time to come in he cried, even though his feet were frozen and he was wet up to his rear!

I remember when my oldest two were little like that. I never let them get all wet and muddy. I didn’t want them jumping in puddles because all I could think about was the mess for me afterwards. That mess is still irritating but I’ve learned that it’s worth the joy it brings those little people. And really, the mess will always be there in one form or another so why not let them have some fun!

As we awaited this spring, thinking “always winter, never Christmas”, I was reminded of this verse in the Bible:

Genesis 8:22 “While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.”

What is seedtime other than spring? That’s when we plant. So, according to God’s promises that never fail, spring will always come! Will it always come in our timing? No, it won’t. God knows best, even when it comes to the weather.

So, now that it’s spring (I think), get out and enjoy it! Get some sunshine on your face! Get your feet wet and your pants muddy in a puddle! Listen to the birds, find the first flowers and buds on the trees! Enjoy it, because God gave it to you to enjoy!


One thought on “Spring is here!

  1. The giant snow pile in front of my house is finally gone and most of my favorite herbs are planted. It’s Spring! Jeanette


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