The Un-Crafty Mom

You ever look at Pinterest or even your Facebook feed and think, “Man, that mom is making me look bad. Look at all those crafts! Look at the handmade skirts on her girls! Look at the cute art project she did with her kids.”

Yeah, me too.

I’m not that mom. Well, maybe sometimes. But usually I just don’t want to invest the time (or I don’t have the time), I don’t want to shop at ten different stores to find just the right materials or supplies, I don’t want the mess. I really don’t want the mess.

Well this week, I’m forced into it. (Kicking and screaming, I might add.) I’ve known about this Wednesday for weeks…no months. Yet I’ve just put it on the back burner. Yeah, I’ll get to that. I have a while yet. Why didn’t I listen to my kids when they mentioned it back in December? Why didn’t I just get on it then? But no, here it is, two days away and I’m just starting.

Starting what, you ask? Costumes…Disney Theme Night…Youth Group…

Don’t get me wrong. I love our youth group! I love our leaders and all the effort they put in. I love that my kids love it. I love that they come home with God’s truth stored up in their hearts and minds. I love that they have good friends there. I love that my hubby loves to serve there.

But. I. Hate. Disney. Theme. Night.

It’s my arch-nemesis. And it’s totally not anybody’s fault but my own. Like I said, I knew about this month’s ago. I could have planned ahead. I could have been searching for costumes the day after Halloween when they were all 75% off. Next year (at least I tell myself that).

So, off to the thrift stores and Dollar Tree we go.

You know why else I don’t like it. Because there is always altering involved. And I’m really a very novice seamstress. Like, you can’t even put me and seamstress in the same sentence. So, it all seems like more work than it would be for someone who knew what they were doing.

Well, here it goes…

Princess Fiona, Bert from Mary Poppins, and Lightning McQueen.


Here’s the beginning of something. I can’t say the beginning of something great…we’ll see what happens.

Out comes the sewing machine, the spray paint, the construction paper, and glue.

Here comes the mess!

Wish me luck…cuz I’m cringing right now…

I’ll let you know the outcome…

2 thoughts on “The Un-Crafty Mom

  1. You know Princess Fiona isn’t Disney, right?
    (please take that in the light-hearted manner in which I meant it. I know you don’t know me, so you can’t know my sense of humor. That was light-hearted ribbing. It’s what I do.)

    I really just wanted to say good for you for putting in the effort and making costumes for your kids. I enjoy doing that, but only ever get the chance in October.


    • Totally get your humor! My boys were quick to point out to their sister that she wasn’t picking a Disney character, but she’s got a will stronger than iron and was deteremined to go as Princess Fiona!! So here we go…


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